Thursday, June 25, 2009


Here's a quick list of some of my favorite rides that I've ridden across the world...

1.  Millennium Force - Cedar Point, Sandusky Ohio
takes you up 310 feet, drops you down 300 at an 80 degree angle.  93 MPH!  It's a very smooth, very fast, very thrilling ride!

2. Spiderman the Ride- Universal's Islands of Adventure - Orlando
I don't even know how to describe this ride!  Let's just say they spent $100,000,000 on this ride and it PAYED OFF!  It's an indoor ride that includes 3D, real explosions and an ending that will make you think you really dropped off a skyscraper when you really only moved a foot!

3.  Oblivion - Alton Towers, England
this one isn't the tallest or fastest, but it drops you STRAIGHT down into an underground mist filled tunnel.  It's original and terrifying!

I have SO many more favorites, but these are just a few.  What are your favorite rides?  I wanna know (and ride them if I haven't yet!)


  1. SeaWorld in Orlando just opened a new ride Manta. It's awesome. The ride gets you in your seat then leans you forward so you get the feeling of flying. Let me know if you want to go there and ride cuz I work there.

  2. of COURSE I want to go there and ride! I've been dorkily watching the construction of this ride online! I love the part where it looks like you're dipping into the water! I've been on "Tatsu" at Six Flags Magic Mountain and it's a similar ride. So much FUN!

  3. The ride is amazing especially when you go around the look because you are looking straight up to the sky. If your with the Rent tour you can ride it when you get to Orlando. Keep me posted, I have some connections to get you into the park. Go to You would also love Sheikra at Busch Gardens. I've been talking to Telly about getting the cast and crew into the park but haven't heard anything. I guess it has to go through the show's management and he said they are kind of crazy with all the moving around each week.

  4. I'm NOT with the tour right now, but I have TONS of friends who are! I'm visiting them all in Portland right now and I'll make sure I talk to Telly about it. I know they would be THRILLED to be able to go. You're awesome! Thanks!

  5. I saw your video for the 67 days of smiles. I hope you win, it was funny. Orlando sure is the place to do all of this. They must take you everywhere here. Hopefully you win and can get on Manta!!!