Monday, June 15, 2009

It's all come to THIS!

If you've been reading my blog, or you know me you know how much I love adventures.  Well I HONESTLY feel like all of my adventures have led up to this moment.

There's a promotion that Orlando is running called 67 days of smiles.  Basically the city of Orlando is looking for a pair of people to go down there for 67 days and experience every attraction Orlando has to offer (sky diving, amusement parks, gator wrestling etc.)  They want this pair to document their experiences and blog/twitter/facebook/etc. about it.  Not only do they pay for all of the attractions, but they also house you and give you a car.  And if that weren't enough (for me it totally is) they pay you $25,000.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!??  They need a one minute video and 500 word essay describing why we should be the "smile ambassadors" for Orlando.  Obviously since the second Stacey and I heard about this we have been working our butts of making sure we do everything we can to show "67 days" how perfect we are for this.

If you would like to follow our quest you can add me on twitter (user name kylepost), join our facebook group, 

or keep an eye on this blog.  Submissions are due June 30th and we would find out by mid July if we got it.

Kyle (and Stacey)

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